Home of the finest spirits

Home of the finest spirits

The perfect space for those looking for unique experiences. Located in an early 20th-century Parisian-style building in the heart of the Colonia Roma Norte in Mexico City, Salón Rosario is a private lounge bar designed with spirits lovers, groups of friends and colleagues in mind, a place they can hold exclusive social gatherings and business events as well as participate in tastings and food pairings.

At Salón Rosario we specialise in Scotch Whisky, Mexican Spirits and Artisanal Gin. We are extremely proud to be the Scotch Malt Whisky Society‘s very first International Partner Bar in all of Latin America and to provide a home-from-home for Gente de Mezcal.


Hardey Martínez & Katri Walker

Hardey Martínez & Katri Walker

Salón Rosario was created by Hardey Martínez and Katri Walker in 2019. Having emigrated from Bogotá in 2010, Hardey founded Gente de Mezcal in 2014; a mezcal company dedicated to creating the highest quality, small batch productions. His mezcals have been awarded gold and double gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition; a just reward for his dedication to quality.

Together with Katri, they decided to bring The Scotch Malt Whisky Society all the way from her hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, to Mexico, to create the first branch in Latin America of the largest and most entertaining whisky club in the world. Since the launch of the Society in 2021, Salón Rosario has become the heart and soul of SMWS Mexico where its members can enjoy unique experiences around this magnificent liquid.

Alongside SMWS, Hardey & Katri also import single cask bottlings from Goldfinch Whisky Merchants, the core range from The Gaelic Whiskies as well as the finest Scottish gins through their independent import company, Sr. León Artisanal World Spirits. These include Lind & Lime, Garden Shed Gin and Rock Rose, all of which can be found behind the bar at Rosario.




Salón Rosario’s name was inspired by the Mexican writer and poet, Rosario Castellanos (1925 – 1974) who is widely considered to be the first Mexican Feminist.

Historically in Mexico, women weren’t allowed to enter traditional cantinas, sometimes there were little separate family rooms provided for them, so we felt it would be significant to name a place dedicated to the appreciation of the highest quality spirits, after such an important female figure. We love her writing and the impact she made on Mexican culture.

Tu sabor se anticipa entre las uvas
que lentamente ceden a la lengua
comunicando azúcares íntimos y selectos.

~ Extract from ‘En el filo del gozo‘ by Rosario Castellanos

Our Team


Mónica Aguilera

From the dizzy heights of Bogotá, Moni brings order, zest and sunshine to our beautiful space and hosting team.



Sade Alonso

Sade is our Mexican mezcal encyclopedia. She’s a dream host, a magical mixologist and all-round superstar.



Caro del Bosque

From the tropics to the urban jungle, Caro’s Cancun energy is as contagious as her dance moves.



Yesica Flores

Yesica is a whisky queen, ex-brand ambassador for Glenfiddich, she knows all about nosing and swirling.



Luis Canizales

They say “if you know, teach!” Luis knows what he’s doing and so will you if you’re lucky enough to have him as your cocktail professor.



Andrea Lavagnini

Andrea is our token Italian, chemist, film buff, sommelier and experimental gin distiller. No one tells a tale like Andrea.



Luis Miguel Santana

Luisma is our shark; just as comfortable in a suit as in a bathing suit, he loves to dive in and close deals.



Gina Pegnotti

Gina from Argentina is our algorithm wizard. When she’s not casting virtual spells, she’s creating psychocelestial musical performances.



Catalina Bojacá

From Bogotá to Cali to CDMX, Cata is passionate about the arts, travel, dancing, laughing, and tasks getting done on time and to perfection.



Hardey Martínez

Colombian by birth, Mexican by choice, honorary Scot for love. Hardey is the head, heart and soul of Rosario and the king of bad jokes.



Katri Walker

Born & bred in Scotland, it’s her fault that Hardey fell in love with Whisky. Katri is very good at making things look beautiful and testing new cocktails.